Commercial Moving Company: 4 Tips To Relocate Your Retail Store

Moving a retail store is certainly a rough endeavor, especially if you are always running business operations or you have a lot of inventory. From finding a new store location, setting the shelves, and relocating the inventory, you have a lot to do and might need a few guidelines to help you move successfully. With the help of a commercial moving service, the process will be easier. The following are some suggestions to make your retail store relocation less stressful.

1. Reduce Inventory Through a Moving Sale

Your moving costs will drastically reduce if you minimize the size of load you intend to move to the new store. Put an alert of a moving sale to prepare your clients for the upcoming move. Provide discounts and promotions to make the advertisement more attractive and pull more traction.

A moving sale might also generate liquid revenue to offset the cost of relocating and setting up the new store. You can also use the sale as an opportunity to promote your business and let your loyal customers know you plan to move.

2. Plan in Advance

A successful retail store relocation requires proper planning. Consider looking for commercial movers early to help you budget for the move better. Set dates for the clearance sale and moving day. Also, write down an inventory list for items to include in the clearance sale and what to shift to the new location.

You could consider setting up the shelves at the new location in advance. Overlap the lease dates to minimize downtime and avoid inconveniences. This will allow you to open the store in the new location without extending your stay at the previous store.

3. Leave the Packing and Loading to the Pros

If you want to minimize risks of inventory damage and loss, consider hiring professional movers. Besides handling packing and loading, the movers will help you organize the new store and ensure nothing is left behind. Working with professional movers frees up time to handle more important tasks.

4. Move on a Slow Day

What time of the year do you plan to relocate your store? The best time to move is when business is slow. From your experience running the store, you could pick an ideal date when you feel customers often don't come into the store.

Choosing a slow date gives the commercial movers space and time to pack and haul inventory to the new place without disrupting the business. You could also give some of your employees time off during this period so they'll return rejuv for the new store.

These simple tips can help you ensure your upcoming move is stress-free and doesn't stretch your budget. Partner with a moving service such as H. Johnson Moving & Storage to save time and enhance your experience. 

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