Labels, House Moving, and FAQs About Writing With the Right Item

What's one of the easiest ways to organize the house moving process? Write the right labels! Whether this is your first move or you don't have much packing experience, take a look at what you need to know about home moving, boxes, bins, bags, and labels. 

Do You Really Need to Label Everything?

Yes, you do need to label every box, bin, bag, or other moving containers. Even though you may know that the yellow bins contain kitchen items, the cardboard boxes hold your old magazine collection, and the zippered totes will transport your child's toys, your mover doesn't know what's inside of each item. This can make it difficult for the contractor to determine what is or isn't fragile. It can also cause confusion when everything arrives at your new house—especially if you expect the movers to bring the containers to specific rooms.

Can You Use Any Pen or Pencil to Label Moving Boxes?

No, you shouldn't use just any writing utensil that you happened to have on hand. Even though you could label a bin, box, or bag with any marker, pencil, or crayon, some of these options won't provide the permanence your moving containers require.

Ideally, your move day is sunny and warm. But in reality, it's possible you'll move in the snow, sleet, or rain. What will happen to a label that's written in your child's washable markers during a move-day rainstorm? It's likely the water will wash away at least part of the label, making it difficult for the movers to read. If the label includes designations such as "fragile" or "this way up," it's possible the wrong type of writing utensil could result in mid-move damage.

What Type of Writing Utensil Should You Use for a Moving Label?

A dark or bold permanent marker is the easiest, and possibly safest, label-making option. Choose a color that everyone can see and make sure the marker is waterproof. Follow the manufacturer's directions for writing and drying times. Some markers may take several minutes to fully dry. A wet marker mark could cause problems on a rainy or snowy day.

Along with permanent markers, you can also use a label maker or letter stickers. If you choose an adhesive sticker type of product, you may need to cover the label with a piece of clear packing tape. This strategy will help to reduce the risks of mishaps if the stickers fall off of the containers during the move. 

For more helpful house moving tips, contact residential movers. 

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