Tips For Moving With Full Service Movers

Are you moving to a new home or apartment, but dread the idea of having to load everything you own into a moving truck? It may be worth looking into full service moving company to do the heavy lifting for you. Here are some tips when you use professionals to get this job done.

Get An In-Person Estimate If Possible

If you are looking for prices from full-service movers, know that it is likely that the estimates will be very different. This is because most moving companies charge by the hour and base it on how many people are assigned to the job. The estimate that you receive are just estimates, and will likely not reflect the final cost of the move.

The best way to get an accurate estimate is to get an in-person estimate when possible. The moving company will be able to assess how easy or difficult it is to get stuff out of your current place, and they will see everything you own in person. While the estimate they provide will still be based on the total hours to get the job done, their estimate will end up being closer to what the final bill will be since they saw everything in person. 

Be Prepared To Use More Moving Materials

One of the great things about using full-service movers is that they handle the packing of your belongings as well. Keep in mind that professional movers are likely going to be more careful than you are when it comes to packing things up, which will result in using more boxes due to packing items the right way. While you may cram things into a box in order to save space, professional movers are going to make sure nothing breaks due to a poor packing job.

If you decide to purchase moving insurance, having professionals pack your belongings may be a requirement. It is common for movers to only be responsible for the safety of the items that they personally packed.

Work Out Logistics With Landlords

If you're moving between apartments, know that it is your job to arrange a time with the landlords of both buildings for when you can move out of your old place and into your new one. There will likely be a service elevator that needs to be used, and it may require someone to operate it or for it to be free from other tenants using it. Get these times scheduled far in advance to avoid problems. 

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