3 Tips For Using Your Self-Storage Unit Effectively

If you are going to rent a self-storage unit in order to free up room in your apartment, you need to make sure you know how to keep your goods safe while they are in storage. Here are three tips for keeping your goods safe while they are inside of your storage units.

#1 Elevate Everything

The first trick to keeping your belongings safe inside of a storage unit is to not put anything directly on the floor. The floor of most storage units is made out of concrete, which transfers heat and moisture between the ground and whatever is on top of it. You don't want heat and moisture transferred onto your belongings, which is why you need to put something between the floor and your belongings to keep them safe. You also don't want water to accidentally get into your unit and ruin your belongings. 

The most tired and true way to elevate your belongings inside of your storage unit is by putting pallets down in your storage units. Many business's actually give away used wooded pallets, so you may be able to score a few for free that you just need to do a little hammering on to make them nice again. You can also purchase pallets for your storage unit. Pallets work so well because they allow your belongings to be elevated a few inches off the ground and can easily be configured to cover the entire floor of your storage unit.

If pallets don't work for you, you can also put shelving inside of your storage unit and put all of your belongings on shelving instead of on the ground.

#2 Cover Everything Up

The second trick to keeping your belongings safe while inside of storage is to cover everything up. Try to pack most of your belongings inside of cardboard or plastic boxes. For items that you can't pack inside of a box, such as furniture, use furniture pads and plastic wrap to cover up all of these items. You don't want to leave anything exposed in the open. This puts it at risk of being invaded by bugs and pests. It also increases the chance that your item will be covered with dust when you pull it out to use it.

It is a good idea to put plastic wrap or a tarp over everything inside of your unit, even the boxes. This will help protect all of your items from getting dusty and a little dirty during their time in storage.

#3 Clean Everything

The third trick to keeping your belongings safe while inside of storage is to clean everything before you put it into storage. For any clothing that you want to store, wash and dry them before packing them up. For any furniture that you want to store, vacuum it, wipe it down, and polish it before you store it. For other items, wipe them down and clean them in an appropriate manner before putting them into storage.

You don't want to store items that are dirty. They could easily have particles, such as food, hanging onto them that could attract pests to your storage unit. Additionally, you don't want to pull out a box of your winter clothes only to discover that they are all dirty and need to be washed before you can use them. You want to be able to pull items out of your storage unit and use them immediately without any additional intervention needed.  

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