5 Tips To Help Your Long Distance Move Go Smoothly

If you're going to be moving to a distant city in the near future, you're probably nervous and excited at the same time. If you've hired a moving company to relocate your household belongings, you've already done a great deal to reduce moving-related stress. If you're going to be driving yourself and your family to your new home, here are five important ways that you can decrease that stress even further:

1. Buy a Paper Map

Don't depend solely on your GPS unit to help you navigate your course, particularly if your journey involves driving through rural territory. A good old-fashioned paper map can be invaluable when going on a long distant road trip. Food that is high in water will help keep you hydrated and will cut down on the amount of fluids that you'll drink -- causing bathroom stops to be less frequent.

2. Pack the Right Foods

Instead of snack foods containing high amounts of sugar, fat, and salt, pack foods that are high in water content such as grapes, apples, oranges, and pears. Processed sugar and fat also tend to cause a slump in energy levels, and you'll need to stay alert during the time that you're behind the wheel. If children are accompanying you on the move, keeping sugary snacks to a minimum will help prevent problems.

3. Double Check Reservations

Arriving at overnight destinations only to find that there's been a mistake concerning your reservation can be a complete nightmare -- especially if the place you'd planned to stay is booked. Confirming reservations can help circumvent this scenario, so call ahead before you leave to make sure that you're expected even if you're planning on spending the night when friends or relatives.

2. Check for Road Construction

Getting held up by road construction is another situation that can cause significant stress when making a long distance drive. Checking for road construction and other possible delays may help keep you from getting stuck sitting in backed up traffic.

1. Check Weather Conditions

Checking weather conditions prior to your departure will also help keep you from experiencing frustrating delays. Keep in mind that although it may be warm and sunny at your point of departure, the same might not be true at all points along the way.

If you are traveling during the summer, keep in mind that warm weather is no guarantee that weather conditions are going to be favorable -- summer lightning storms, for instance, can cause considerable problems for drivers. To learn more, contact a company like Redondo Van & Storage with any questions you have.

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